2024 HOGAR De Dallas & Dallas Legacy Mission Scholarship Program Is OPEN


The Hispanic Organization for Genealogy and Research (HOGAR) in partnership with Dallas Legacy Mission present an opportunity to high school seniors in Dallas County by offering a scholarship program to help provide funds for those students that dream of pursuing a higher education. Our vision is to stimulate interest in our Hispanic youth and within the community in Hispanic genealogy and in our heritage by providing research and publication of genealogical data through networking, educational programs, special events and newsletters. The Scholarship Program is part of our organizations sincere desire to help qualified candidates reach their personal goals.

AMOUNT OF SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS: $500- $1,000.00 – A student will be awarded up to $1,000.00 for tracing four generations of their paternal and maternal lineages and submitting all requirements as specified above. Approximately 4-6 scholarships will be awarded. 


  • Must be a high school senior graduating from a Dallas County high school by the summer of 2024;

  • Must be of Hispanic heritage; Must plan to attend an accredited two or four year college the fall of 2024;

  • Must submit letter of acceptance from the university/college, if selected as the recipient (the award will be sent directly to the college/university);

  • Must allow HOGAR de Dallas to publish the essay and a photo of student in the annual HOGAR journal and on their social media accounts;

  • Must be available to attend the HOGAR Meeting on Saturday, June 8, 2024 to receive the award;

  • Not required to be a United States citizen; Must meet all requirements of essay and pedigree chart: and

  • Grade point average is not a factor.

APPLICATIONS OPEN – Students may start applying immediately. 

APPLICATION DEADLINE: – Students must submit application, essay, and pedigree chart by 11:59PM, Friday, May 31, 2024

RECIPIENT OF AWARD: - To be announced at the HOGAR Quarterly Meeting on Saturday, June 8, 2024. If selected, the student will be required to email HOGAR a jpeg formatted headshot. 


There are three (3) components to the scholarship application (please read all requirements before applying). 

1. APPLICATION:  Complete the application below:

CLICK HERE for Scholarship App

2. PEDIGREE CHART: Utilizing an online records search application such as Familysearch.Org  (no fee to search) or  (free trial period then fee required to search), the applicant is to trace four generations of his/her paternal and maternal lineages, beginning with the applicant. Lineage names and data are to be placed on a Pedigree Chart (family tree or fan chart) within the online search application. If the applicant is from a single-parent home, begin the pedigree chart with the legal guardian of the applicant. The applicant will begin the assignment by tracing the paternal and maternal lineages of the legal guardian. Once the Pedigree Chart is completed, save the chart as a PDF file;

3. ESSAY: Compose an essay that includes historical events that occurred during the lifetime of the applicant’s parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, indicated on the “Pedigree Chart.” The conclusion should also contain new information the applicant learned through their research and the challenges the applicant faced in searching for their ancestors. The essay must be a maximum of 500 words with all sources properly footnoted. Must contain at least two footnotes.


1. To be considered for the scholarship, all components must be included as part of the application:

  • Application

  • Essay

  • Pedigree Chart

  • University/College Letter of Acceptance 

2. The application must be submitted in an email addressed to Hogar.Scholarships@Gmail.Com and attached as a PDF or Word document. If guidance is needed with the scholarship application process, please contact Jo Ann Valentin at Include "Attn: Scholarship" in the subject line of your email.